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Stamper's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 207 (From 43 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 3,195 Points

Extreme Gardening

Medals Earned: 3/9 (25/360 points)

1st Bronze 5 Points

Your very first bronze!

1st Gold 10 Points

Your very first gold!

1st Silver 10 Points

Your very first silver!

Feed the King

Medals Earned: 2/16 (10/490 points)

Adrenaline Rush 5 Points

Perform a Danger Bonus!

Precise 5 Points

Perform an Accuracy Bonus!

Goin Up

Medals Earned: 1/21 (5/825 points)

First kill 5 Points

first Kill

Gretel and Hansel Part 2

Medals Earned: 4/30 (20/190 points)

Got Wood? 5 Points

Suffer the stickman's wrath

Gut Busting 5 Points

Step on the trap

Saviour 5 Points

Keep both dinner guests alive

Where's My Arm? 5 Points

Pet the teddy

It's a Nice Day Today

Medals Earned: 1/1 (5/5 points)

Failure to Communicate 5 Points

Continue to play for 30 seconds after the movie ends.

Madness Accelerant

Medals Earned: 2/5 (35/135 points)

Face Off 10 Points

Let out all your aggression.


Beat the game.

Make My Next Game

Medals Earned: 2/8 (15/55 points)

Or GTFO? 5 Points

you know how it goes

Success! 10 Points

finish a flash project

Mechanical Ice Apocalypse

Medals Earned: 1/12 (5/225 points)

Lazors 5 Points

Get killed by the lasers

Miami Shark

Medals Earned: 9/12 (350/500 points)

Apache 25 Points

Crush the Apache Helicopter

LearJet 25 Points

Crush the Lear Jet

Mini 25 Points

Crush the Mini-Helictopter

Sheriff 25 Points

Crush the Sheriff-Helicopter

B2 50 Points

Crush the B-2 Spirit

B52 50 Points

Crush the B-52 Fortress

B747 50 Points

Crush the Boeing 747

Beluga 50 Points

Crush the Airbus Beluga

SpaceShuttle 50 Points

Crush the Space Shuttle


Medals Earned: 1/18 (5/500 points)

I Can Read! 5 Points

Don't skip instructions