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NMT: that snake whore NMT: that snake whore

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i wanna fuck everything forever

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rip-off rip-off

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they also blow

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Devil Watch Devil Watch

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DING, new wallpaper

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Comme un Poisson Comme un Poisson

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what a special treat

from a special guy

hey remember that one time me and you were sitting in the ng office eating sandwiches and watching the office? i don't think we realized it at the time...but we were watching the the OFFICE haha holy shit

five finger is a good band

god i wanna fuck her so badlook at thosetits

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Pikanjo responds:

Ha. Office. (;

Stamper Stamper

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that looks a lot like HEY WAIT A SECOND WHAT THE FUCK

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JeremyLokken responds:


Beets and Chevre Beets and Chevre

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I bet the tangerine works well with the beets, that's a great pairing idea. The contrast is wicked too, great colors - though the photo probably doesn't bring out the beets as well as it should.

Now I'm thinking, depending on how much the flavor would be compromised, if chioggia beets would make for a suitable visual upgrade or if the dish would look too bizarre. Or if it's even possible, since cooking them down ruins their neat red and white rings. Maybe a combo - standard beets with one offset chioggia. Either way, I guess it would ruin the compote visual and overcomplicate shit, so fuck that plan.

You know there might be a slick way to whip apricot into the goat cheese and marble it out, or change the color entirely and re-constitute it. You'd be the first dude with apricot goat cheese. That'd probably be overkill though, since the apricot is meant to compliment...just thinking outloud.

What's the bed?

Either way, this is a HANDSOME dish, and it's cool in a sense that it works on lots of levels - like it'll work all year round (depending on how much of a seasonal hound you are), and at any time of the day or meal. I'm thinking I'd like to start off with this, then have something lamb-related. Or have this afterwards, even. This is sorta like a caprese salad for a new generation. I'd like to try it, and I've never been fond of beets.

Ten Michelin stars, n***a!

Ironchefgriffin responds:

I wanted a brighter red for the beets, but they were just too dark :(

The bed is the greens off the top of the beet braised in butter and tangerine zest.

Tits Tits

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sure are

and a very nice pair indeed

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Calendar Teaser Piece 1 Calendar Teaser Piece 1

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aw man he's biting him on the butt how funny is that

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yellowbouncyball responds:

glad u like it- thanks fer the 10!

Angel Kryis Angel Kryis

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Ya'll got tits on the brain - I didn't even notice them until they were pointed out by everyone. Perhaps it's not the artist who needs to stop worrying about tits, yea?

whitedevil0404 responds:

hahahahaha indeed, people worry to much about breast, maybe they dont know how they feel like, oh boy, brb going at my girls hehehe...